Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Board Games Coming!

This is likely to be the longest blog post you'll ever see here. Coming soon the library will have TONS of board, card, dice and miniatures games for your enjoyment at our upcoming adult gaming nights where the older crowd can indulge themselves in traditional analog gaming as well as some cutting edge PC and X-Box games. As the guy in charge of the traditional gaming, this is a preview of things to come. I've hotlinked the game titles to either PDFs or interactive demos of the game in question for those of you who might want to take a gander at the rules before giving the games a spin (don't worry - we'll be happy to teach you play anyway if you don't!)

10 Days in Europe board game Ages: 10+ Players: 2-4

You have 10 days in Europe -- Chart your course from start to finish using destination and transportation tiles. With a little luck and clever planning, you just might outwit your fellow travelers. The game contains a game board map of Europe, destination tiles representing the countries, and transportation tiles for making connections by plane or boat. Playtime: 20-30 minutes

25 Words or Less party game Ages: 13+ Players: 4+

Presenting the all-new edition of the award-winning 25 Words or Less. You've got 1 minute and 25 words (or less!) of clues to get your teammates to shout out the five words on the card. It’s great party fun for groups of all sizes. Playtime: variable

A Game of Thrones board game Ages: 12+ Players: 3-5

Based on the best-selling novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, the A Game of Thrones board game lets players take control of one of the great Houses of Westeros and embark on an epic struggle to claim the Iron Throne. Immerse yourself in a game of clever planning, careful allocation of power, diplomacy, and the exciting flavor of A Song of Ice and Fire. Playtime: 120-180 minutes

Alhambra board game Ages: 8+ Players: 2-6

The most prominent builders in all of Europe and Arabia want to demonstrate their skills. Employ the most talented teams of builders to construct your Alhambra. Hire stonemasons from the north and gardeners from the south, who all want a fair wage and insist on being paid with their native currency. With their help, towers can be constructed, gardens designed, pavilions and mezzanines erected, and manors and royal chambers built. Compete against your opponents to build the greatest and most impressive Alhambra. Playtime: 45-60 minutes

Antike board game Ages: 12+ Players: 2-6

Antike is a challenging strategy game about evolution and competition among ancient civilizations. Ancient nations create cities, build temples, sail the seas, and discover new principles of science and technology. Lead one of these nations to victory! But watch out for your enemies, as they will want to conquer your cities to destroy your temples. The game depends not on the luck of dice or cards, but on thoughtful plans and skillful diplomacy. Playtime: 90-120 minutes

Apples to Apples party game Ages: 12+ Players: 4-10

Apples to Apples is the wild, award-winning party game that provides instant fun for four to ten players! It's as easy as "comparing apples to apples"... just open the box, deal the cards, and you're ready to play! Select the card from your hand that you think is best described by a card played by the judge. If the judge picks your card, you win that round. And everyone gets a chance to be the judge! Playtime: 20-30 minutes

Arkham Horror board games Ages: 12+ Players: 1-8

The town of Arkham, Massachusetts is in a panic. Horrific and bizarre events have begun to occur with increasing frequency -- all seeming to point towards some cataclysmic event in the near future that may spell disaster for everyone. Only one small band of investigators can save Arkham from the Great Old Ones and destruction! Playtime: 120-180 minutes

Arkham Horror: Curse of the Dark Pharoh Expansion

The Exhibit is in town and Arkham has never been stranger... or more dangerous. This is a small card-based expansion for Arkham Horror.

Axis & Allies board game Ages: 12+ Players: 2-5

Five major powers struggle for supremacy: Germany and Japan are aligned against The United Kingdom, The Soviet Union, and The United States. Designed for 2-5 players, Axis & Allies places the military and economic destiny of the globe in your hands. Victory goes not only to the side that conquers its opponents on the field of battle, but also to the individual player who seizes the most enemy territory. Change the course of history in a few short hours! Playtime: 120-180 minutes

Bang! card game Ages: 10+ Players: 4-7

The Outlaws hunt the Sheriff. The Sheriff hunts the Outlaws. The Renegade plots secretly, ready to take one side or the other. Bullets fly. Who among the gunmen is a Deputy, ready to sacrifice himself for the Sheriff? And who is a merciless Outlaw, willing to kill him? If you want to find out, just draw (your cards)! Playtime: 20-40 minutes

Battleship board game Ages: 7+ Players: 2

Track down your enemy in unfriendly water. Secretly plot your plan of attack, then fire. It's a hit, but remain on high alert. Your opponent will return fire in hopes of gaining victory! Sink a submarine. Capsize a carrier. Destroy all five ships in your opponent's fleet before your own vessels are found and sunk -- then you'll rule the ocean. Playtime: variable

Betrayal at House on the Hill board game Ages: 10+ Players: 3-6

It's never the same game twice. As one of the twelve mysterious characters, you'll explore a house filled with deadly secrets. As you play, you'll build the house. But beware! One of your fellow players will betray you. The traitor will test your sanity as you use all your skills to survive. Playtime: 60 minutes

Big Manitou card game Ages: 10+ Players: 2-5

During the hunting seasons, Indian tribes confront one another in order to establish which of them is the most prestigious. They hunt for very high stakes: Buffaloes, Tipis, Horses and the Sacred Totem. The player who plays their Hunter and Hero cards cleverly and skillfully will be the winner... with Manitou's help! Playtime: 30 minutes

Blokus board game Ages: 5+ Players: 2-4

Players take turns placing pieces on to the board, each starting from the corner of their color. Each new piece must touch at least one other piece of the same color, but only at the corners! The goal is to cover as much of the board with your pieces as possible. Be tactical! Blockade your opponents while expanding your own territory! The game ends when none of the players can fit a piece on to the board. The winner is the player for whom the total area of pieces remaining is the lowest! Playtime: 20-30 minutes

Blue Moon City board game Ages: 10+ Players: 2-4

The Dark Age is over. The royal heirs, who caused the conflict and the destruction of Blue Moon City, have fled, and their corrupt advisors have been banished to faraway lands. The bitter division between the peoples of Blue Moon is beginning to heal. Blue Moon City lies in ruin, but the people have vowed to restore the city to its former magnificence. The three elemental dragons have returned to help in the renaissance of Blue Moon City. Playtime: 60 minutes

Bohnanza card game Ages: 12+ Players: 2-7

Bean farming was never so much fun! In Bohnanza, you have two or three bean fields and a handful of bean cards to plant in those fields. When you sell beans, you earn more for growing more of one variety than a few of several. Thus, you want to plant as many of your favorites as you can. But you must plant the beans in your hand in the order you got them. To get rid of the beans you don't want to plant, you trade them to other players for those you want. With clever trading, you get the cards you want without helping the other players too much. Playtime: 45 minutes

Boomtown card game Ages: 10+ Players: 3-5

There's gold in them hills! With that cry prospectors race westward and Boomtowns are established the gold rush is on. In Boomtown, you must compete with your fellow prospectors in a mad scramble to find your fortune in gold, but watch out for highwaymen, card sharks and crooked politicians. There are many ways to make a buck in Boomtown. Playtime: 30+ minutes

Bunco dice game Ages: 7+ Players: 2-12

Bunco first originated in the 1800's. Now this popular dice game is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. There are six rounds of play, each with a different target number (one through six). Roll 3 dice with that number and you've rolled a bunco. Light competition and social interaction make this a perfect game for as few as two or as many as twelve players. Playtime: 25-45 minutes

Caesar & Cleopatra card game Ages: 10+ Players: 2

Caesar and Cleopatra are locked in a struggle to determine the amount of independence Egypt will have. The decision lies in the hands of the powerful patricians. The players, as Caesar and Cleopatra, use their influence and special actions to win patricians to their side. When a vote of confidence is called, the player with the larger influence wins the voice of a patrician. Each voice brings one victory point. There are additional victory points for the majority in a patrician group, for the influence of a whole group and for a secret influence bonus. Whoever earns the most victory points, chooses the fate of Egypt and wins the game. Playtime: 30-40 minutes

Chess board game Ages: 8+ Players: 2

If you don’t know what chess is why are you even bothering to read this? Playtime: variable

Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers Ages: 8+ Players: 2-5

More than a thousand years before the great city of Carcassonne was built, the area was settled by stone-age tribes. The players play land tiles to create a beautiful landscape, with wild animals like mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. They populate the landscape with hunters and gatherers and build huts to live in. Rivers, filled with fish, snake through the landscape. The game also includes rare, but very useful special cards. There are many new things to discover in this prehistoric Carcassonne. Playtime: 30-45 minutes

Citadels card game Ages: 10+ Players: 2-7

In Citadels, you are a medieval ruler trying to complete your city before your opponents can build theirs. Expand your city by adding new districts, but be sure to invest wisely: Some districts are more valuable than others, but cost more gold to build. There is more to ruling a city than gold, however. Lords, ladies, and other nobility all have a role to play. The game changes each turn as each player secretly chooses a new role -- the Assassin, Thief, Magician, King, Bishop, Merchant, Architect, or Warlord -- and the power that comes with it. Playtime: 20-60 minutes

Cleopatra & the Society of Architects Ages: 10+ Players: 2-5

Players strive to become the wealthiest of Cleopatra’s architects by constructing the most magnificent and valuable parts of her palace. However, dealing with shady characters and trading in materials of dubious origins helps them build faster. While these corrupt practices might allow an architect to stay a step ahead of the rest, they come with a high price – cursed Corruption Amulets honoring Sobek, the Crocodile-god. Playtime: 60 minutes

Clue DVD board game Ages: 10+ Players: 3-5

Step out of your living room and into the mystery! Scotland Yard needs your help to crack 10 challenging interactive crimes, like The Monte Carlo Affair. Find out who, what, where and when the crimes took place. Investigate all your favorite suspects, plus 4 more, and more crime scenes! Collect virtual evidence as you go, and use the DVD to make secret accusations. There's even a bonus game for more mystery-solving excitement! Playtime: variable

Conquest of the Empire board game Ages: 10+ Players: 2-6

It is the 2nd century AD and the 200-year Pax Romana of Augustus Caesar has come to an end. With the death of the Philosopher-Scholar Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Empire is without a competent leader. Disorder reigns and civil war looms. Mars will be pleased. It is a time for war. It is a time for Conquest of the Empire. Playtime: 180-240 minutes

Cosmic Cows board game Ages: 8+ Players: 2

It's time for the Annual Extraterrestrial Cow-Pulling Contest, and aliens from all over the galaxy have come to watch the event! Go head to head with your cross-cosmos rival to see who can abduct three Cosmic Cows first. Playtime: 20 minutes

Cranium Turbo party game Ages: 13+ Players: 4+

Cranium is the hip, new, outrageously fun board game that brings friends together through a variety of activities celebrating your whole brain. Whether you're an aspiring actor, artist, data hound or wordsmith, Cranium gives you and your team a moment to shine. Each turn your team will harness its collective brain power to advance around the board. The first team to reach Cranium Central wins the game! You will not believe what your friends can do! Playtime: variable

Descent board game Ages: 12+ Players: 2-5

Across the land, courageous heroes delve into shadowed dungeons, journey to lost cities, and explore forgotten ruins. In the darkest corners of the world, these heroes confront deadly and terrifying monster, including Skeletons, Hell Hounds, Giants, Demons, and Dragons. For those few who survive, the rewards are many. Victorious heroes return from the treacherous dungeons with ancient magics, bags of gold, and powerful weapons and artifacts. Playtime: 120-240 minutes

Dogville board game Ages: 12+ Players: 2-6

It's a dog’s life, and you're a junkyard dog! The object? To be the first pooch on the block to bury 4 bones in your backyard. In order to find the bones, you must scavenge from trash cans, beg at restaurants, and generally behave like a "dog about town". But remember, it's every dog for itself and the competition is tough. Dogs must "mark their territories" in order to slow other dogs down, and fight bravely against bullies trying to steal their bones. And don't forget the merciless Dogcatcher! Playtime: 60-120 minutes

Doom board game Ages: 12+ Players: 2-4

The Union Aerospace Corporation, an arm of the most powerful conglomerate on Earth, was performing secret experiments in their base on Mars. Tapping into the very fabric of the universe itself, UAC scientists made discoveries that would forever change human existence. Then something went terribly wrong... Playtime: 60-120 minutes

Doom Expansion Set

If you thought trying to escape Mars base was bad... Doom: The Boardgame Expansion Set pits the marines against the legions of Hell on their home turf!

Dungeoneer card game Ages: 12+ Players: 2-4

The Lich Lord has returned! And he has released the dead from their wormy graves. Now these undead hordes are stalking the land. The call has gone out for great heroes to stop this evil plague... are you brave enough to enter the deadly Tomb of the Lich Lord? Playtime: 60+ minutes

Fairy Tale card game Ages: 10+ Players: 2-5

Players use card drafting and simultaneous action selection to form a story while interfering with other players' stories. The game consists of four rounds. In each, players are dealt five cards. They select one each and pass the remainder to the left, repeating until done. When the cards are revealed after each selection, card abilities turn other cards face-up or face-down. At the end of the four rounds there are 12 cards in front of each player. Each score based on their face-up cards. Playtime: 30-60 minutes

Fist of Dragonstones card game Ages: 8+ Players: 3-6

Fist of Dragonstones is an exciting, closed-fist, bidding game for 3 to 6 players. Players try to outwit their opponents by using gold and magic coins to buy control of an ever-changing cast of enchanted character cards. Those characters' powers collect valuable Dragonstones; lend their magical powers; help foil other players, and convert Dragonstones into victory. Playtime: 45-60 minutes

Fluxx card game Ages: 8+ Players: 2-6

Fluxx is a self-referential game. To start, everyone gets three cards, draws, and plays a card on their turn. That basic rule changes if someone plays a New Rule card. What's the object? You won't know until someone plays a Goal card. Goals and Rules apply to everyone, and supersede those previously played if there is a conflict. There are also Keeper cards, which are refereed to by the Goal cards and played in front of you. To play an Action card, follow its instruction and then discard it. Is this game a paradox? No, but it's certainly unorthodox. Playtime: 2-30 minutes

Fury of Dracula board game Ages: 10+ Players: 2-5

Fury of Dracula pits the deductive skill and dogged tenacity of four mortal Hunters against the immortal cunning and fiendish power of the Un-Dead Count. The Hunters have the benefit of experience, being the only human beings alive who have fought a vampire and prevailed. Dracula has countless minions, supernatural abilities, and infinite patience -- after all, time is on his side. Playtime: 120-180 minutes

Gang of Four card game Ages: 8+ Players: 3-4

Filled with an endless variety of strategies and tactics, Gang of Four is fun, entertaining and full of surprises, yet is simple to learn and play. Originating in the gambling backstreets of Hong Kong, Gang of Four is highly addictive card game for your family or friends. Playtime: 40 minutes

Gloom card game Ages: 8+ Players: 2-4

You assume control of the fate of an eccentric family of misfits and misanthropes. The goal of the game is sad, but simple: you want your characters to suffer the greatest tragedies possible before passing on to the well-deserved respite of death. You'll play horrible mishaps like Pursued by Poodles or Mocked by Midgets on your own characters to lower their Self-Worth scores, while trying to cheer your opponents' characters with marriages and other happy occasions that pile on positive points. Playtime: 60 minutes

Go board game Ages: 8+ Players: 2

If you don’t know what go is why are you even bothering to read this? Playtime: variable

Guesstures party game Ages: 12+ Players: 4+

Can you act out these four words before time runs out? They look easy, but you have to act fast, because you only get a few short seconds per word! Get your team to guess the word on the first card. Now grab that card before it gets swallowed by the Mimer-Timer, a clever yet word-hungry timing device. Then hurry on to act out the next card! The harder the word, the more points it's worth. So think fast! Act faster! Grab the most points to win! Playtime: variable

Havoc: The Hundred Years War card game Ages: 10+ Players: 2-6

Havoc is a card game for 2-6 players themed on the medieval Hundred Years War. Players will recruit soldiers to form sets which they use in battle to win victory points. The Dogs of War are used to retrieve soldiers from the battlefield or to draw extra resources. After 8 skirmishes a final battle ends the game and crowns a new king based on total victory points. Playtime: 60 minutes

Havoc Expansion: The Character Cards

This is the first expansion for Havoc. It includes a new type of character card, which is shuffled into the regular card deck and changes the game in interesting ways when one of them is drawn.

Hera and Zeus card game Ages: 12+ Players: 2

When Gods feud, the earth quakes! Zeus, the father of the Gods, and his wife Hera often disagreed on matters both earthly and olympic. Eventually, the disagreement became a full-fledged feud with both Zeus and Hera calling upon the other Gods from Olympus and mortals from earth to support him or her against the other. Cyclops, Amazon, Medusa, Hydra, Pegasus, and others joined the feud. The players take the roles of Hera and Zeus and use strategy and cunning to pit their allies against the allies of the other. It is winner take all for control of Olympus! Playtime: 40 minutes

HeroScape Master Set miniatures game Ages: 8+ Players: 2+

Valhalla was a happy and peaceful place until the discovery of the wellsprings. The water from the springs brought powers and visions to those that drank from it. The visions included images of heroes and warriors from other worlds and times locked in deadly combat. With their new powers, the Valkyrie devised ways to beckon these creatures and use them against their enemies. The lush lands of Valhalla have now become a war-torn and desolate ruin. Heroes and warriors from all worlds and times are now ready to wage war in Valhalla, and you have come to lead them. Will you be part of the Jandar Army who longs for peace? Or will you be vengeful and lead the Utgar Army to gain control for yourself and your minions? Playtime: variable

Hey! That’s My Fish! board game Ages: 8+ Players: 2-4

At the pole your penguins are jumping from ice floe to ice floe hunting fish. They're also trying to block other penguins and secure the best fishing grounds for themselves. The penguin colony that catches the most fish by the end of the game wins. Playtime: 20 minutes

Hoity Toity board game Ages: 12+ Players: 3-6

Eccentricity is what makes the world go round. Well, your world anyway. As a member of the pretentious Antique Club, you feel inexplicably compelled to outshine your other snobby friends. You are oddly convinced it is your destiny to become the antique collector with the most valuable collection -- by using any means necessary. Outwit your fellow snobs to become the most Hoity Toity of them all. Playtime: 60 minutes

Illuminati card game Ages: 12+ Players: 2-6

They're all around us. Secret conspiracies are everywhere, and where can you find the only truth? Certainly not in the game of Illuminati. Fnord. This new edition features full-color cards and improved money chits... but it's the same game you know and fear, of secret conspiracies battling for world control. Playtime: variable

Jenga party game Ages: 6+ Players: 2+

The blockbuster of all stacking games with hardwood blocks Pull out blocks, place them on top--don't topple the teetering tower! Playtime: variable

Khet: the Laser Game board game Ages: 9+ Players: 2

Welcome to the world of Khet. It's the game that combines lasers with classic strategy. Players alternate turns moving Egyptian-themed pieces having two, one or no mirrored surfaces. Each turn ends by firing one of the lasers built into the board. The laser beam bounces from mirror to mirror; if the beam strikes a non-mirrored surface on any piece, it is immediately removed from play. The ultimate goal is to illuminate your opponent's pharaoh, while shielding yours from harm! Playtime: variable

Kill Doctor Lucky board game Ages: 10+ Players: 2-8

Welcome to the J. Robert Lucky mansion. It's a fine country home, chock full of unusual weapons, good hiding places, and craven killers. Killers like you. The object? Kill Doctor Lucky. Find a weapon, track the old man down, and do him in. The obstacles? For one thing, all of your friends would rather do it first. For another, Doctor Lucky is aptly named. You would think that after being stabbed, hung, poisoned, and poked in the eye, the Old Doctor would just lie down and accept his fate. But he's got more lives than Rasputin, and an uncanny knack for dodging your best traps. Playtime: 60 minutes

King’s Blood card game Ages: 6+ Players: 2-6

King's Blood is a fast-paced multi-player card game. Build the family tree by arranging marriages, exiling rivals, and crowning new royalty. Match a character with a compatible member of the opposite sex, and start a new generation. Play the last family member from your hand, and you've won! Playtime: 10-30 minutes

Looney Bin party game Ages: 10+ Players: 3+

Compete to identify the zany mental ailments of your teammates -- without letting the other side "in" on your diagnosis. Fantastic game for parties, mixers, and long road trips. Playtime: variable

Lord of the Rings board game Ages: 12+ Players: 1-5

The game follows the spirit of the book with the players as Hobbits. The fellowship members are working toward a common goal--the destruction of the One Ring before it corrupts them, or they are overcome by Sauron's power. Other members of the Fellowship, along with other characters and items, appear as cards and events. Game comes with Hobbit miniatures and a series of boards depicting different adventure scenarios. Playtime: 60-90 minutes

Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation Ages: 12+ Players: 2

This stand-alone two-player game is designed by master game designer Reiner Knizia and illustrated by acclaimed artist John Howe, the duo behind the bestselling Lord of the Rings game. In this wonderful game interpretation of the novels, the Fellowship must bring Frodo to Mordor, and the dark lord Sauron must seek to capture Frodo and the One Ring before Frodo reaches Mt. Doom. Playtime: 30 minutes

Lost Cities card game Ages: 10+ Players: 2

For the daring and adventurous, there are too many lost cities to seek and explore. The search can take you to the Himalayas, the Brazilian rain forest, the ever-shifting sands of the desert, ancient volcanoes and to Neptunes Realm. Of course, one cannot go everywhere with limited resources so the players must choose which expeditions to begin and which to leave to others. Those with high confidence may have the opportunity to up the stakes: increasing the rewards for success, but risking more should the expedition fail. Playtime: 20-40 minutes

Mall of Horror board game Ages: 14+ Players: 3-6

The goal is not to kill the greatest number of zombies but simply to survive. You must flee from place to place while zombies try to devour the inhabitants of this cursed town. Each player controls 3 characters: a gorgeous blonde, a big guy and a thug. Each one will gather a certain amount of points at the end of the game. Each place in the mall has different characteristics. They may contain varying numbers of characters and may give some bonus items, which will help your survival. Playtime: 60 minutes

Marvel Heroes board game Ages: 12+ Players: 2-4

Play your favorite comic-book heroes and villains in this epic board game from Fantasy Flight and Nexus Editrice! Includes pre-painted models. Playtime: 60 minutes

Masons board game Ages: 8+ Players: 2-4

In this beautiful game, the players take the rules of master masons of old. At the beginning of the game, the board is empty, but quickly fills with houses, palaces, towers, and walls. The guild cards help guide the masons in their building and the special dice offer them the materials they need. Each player decides where to build his houses and palaces. Whenever walls enclose a city, it is scored. Playtime: 45 minutes

Memoir ’44 (x2) board game Ages: 8+ Players: 2 (2-6)

From the cliffs of Pointe-du-Hoc to the hedgerow battles in the Corentin Peninsula and beyond -- Memoir '44 airdrops you into the key battles that turned the tide in Western Europe during the summer of 1944. Omaha Beach, Pegasus Bridge, Operation Cobra... Step in and command your troops on the battlefields that defined History in the 20th century. Playtime: 30-60 minutes

Mission: Red Planet board game Ages: 10+ Players: 3-5

Players portray competing corporations recruiting the best scientists, astronauts, spies, and armed forces, and launching rockets and building mining colonies to explore the Red Planet in their quest to gain control of the most promising -- and profitable -- regions on Mars. Playtime: 60 minutes

Monsters Menace America board game Ages: 14+ Players: 2-4

Playing off a campy, B-movie theme, Monsters Menace America finds individual players controlling both the diabolical creatures preying on North American cities and the military units that have been tasked to stop them! Playtime: 90 minutes

Mystery of the Abbey board game Ages: 8+ Players: 3-6

The Abbot is frightened. The normally peaceful Abbey of Sainte-Pierre has been in turmoil for days over the mysterious disappearance of a young novice. All clues point to foul play and suspicions run high among the congregation's monks. The Abbot has called on several renowned detectives to solve this mystery. Who will be the first to identify and confront the culprit? Only those who carefully examine the clues in the Abbeys darkest corners can solve this vexing riddle. Playtime: 60-90 minutes

Mystery Rummy card game Ages: 10+ Players: 2-4

Will you succeed where Scotland Yard failed? The case of Jack the Ripper is re-opened in this innovative card game that combines the elements of an exciting mystery with the strategies of traditional rummy. Each suspect, victim and murder scene is depicted with historical accuracy in this challenging game of intrigue and suspense. Playtime: 30 minutes

Naval Battles card game Ages: 10+ Players: 2-6

Naval Battles is a fast and furious game of naval combat in World War II for 2 to 6 players. Each player commands a fleet of World War II ships. His goal is to launch attacks from his ships and sink the ships of the opposing players. The game includes surface vessels and submarines of six different nations -- France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, and the United States. Playtime: 30 minutes

Nexus Ops board game Ages: 12+ Players: 2-4

Nexus Ops is a game of competing corporate mercenaries battling for control of a resource-rich world far from mother Earth. Players explore the alien landscape, mine the precious rubium ore, and recruit native creatures into their armies to gain control of the richest find this side of the Crab Nebula. In the 24th century, war is business carried out by different means. Playtime: 60-90 minutes

No Thanks! card game Ages: 8+ Players: 3-5

Good card games can be so simple: either take a card or pay a chip. Anyone can make that decision, right? However, what if nobody wants the cards because they give you points in a game where you need to have the fewest points to win. And the chips? They are scarce, very scarce. Playtime: 20 minutes

Once Upon a Time card game Ages: 6+ Players: 2+

Players of Once Upon A Time create a story together using cards that show typical elements from fairy tales. The Storyteller creates a story using the ingredients on her cards, guiding the plot toward her own ending. The other players use their cards to interrupt her and to become the new Storyteller. The winner is the first player to play out all of her cards, ending with the "Happy Ever After" card. Playtime: variable

Oriente card game Ages: 10+ Players: 4-12

By entering into and then breaking-off alliances Samurai, Shogun and Daymio fight for the most valuable booty. Only with power and decision can you accomplish your goal before the outbreak of revolution! A game of negotiation and bluff for merciless Ronins. Playtime: 30 minutes

Perudo dice game Ages: 8+ Players: 2-6

Perudo, South American Liar’s Dice, is an exciting game of guesswork, bluff and luck. No board, no setting up, no complicated rules. So wherever you may be from the Andes to the Rockies, with a handful of dice and a little cup you're ready to take on all comers. Playtime: variable

Pictionary party game Ages: 12+ Players: 3+

The Game of Quick Draw turns 20, with a brand-new look! Contains 2,800 secret words, plus new 20-card anniversary pack. Challenge Die makes you draw with your eyes shut… with your off hand… using only 1 line… or draw 2 images on your turn. Now there’s a new feature: Draw a whole phrase with Fun Phrase cards. Playtime: variable

Pieces of Eight coin game Ages: 10+ Players: 2

Adventure and glory await you in Pieces of Eight, the rousing combat game of rival buccaneer ships. You play the game with a stack of metal pirate coins held in one hand that represents your ship. The coins you choose and the order in which you place them determine your ship's strengths, and you use the special abilities of your coins to destroy your opponent's coins one by one. Your goal is to expose the Captain coin buried deep in the middle of your adversary's ship, and then take him out! Playtime: 10-30 minutes

Pirate’s Cove board game Ages: 8+ Players: 3-5

Your objective: to battle for the rights to plunder and become the most famed and feared Pirate the world has ever seen. To do so, you will need to navigate shrewdly, fight recklessly and pillage mercilessly. You will gain fame by winning battles; burying gold and treasure; and bragging about your exploits at the Tavern. At the end of twelve months, the pirate with the most fame will be declared the most fearsome Pirate of the High Seas! Playtime: 60-90 minutes

Pizza Box Football board game Ages: 12+ Players: 1-2

You're the coach. You set the strategy. You call every play. Earn every yard. The gritty realism of Pizza Box Football is driven by the power of the numbers behind the game. Pick one of 3 plays: Run, Short Pass or Long Pass. Sounds simple? Give it a try! Playtime: variable

Poker card game Ages: 10+ Players: 2+

Two poker decks and 200 poker chips with carousel Playtime: variable

Power Grid board game Ages: 12+ Players: 2-6

Players compete to build the best network of power lines and stations, choosing which cities to supply and what sources of power to use. Playtime: 120 minutes

Puerto Rico board game Ages: 12+ Players: 3-5

In 1493 Christopher Columbus discovered the eastern-most island of the Great Antilles. About 50 years later, Puerto Rico began to really blossom -- through you! Which roles will you play in this new world: Prospector? Governor? Settler? Trader? Whatever you do, you have one goal: to achieve the greatest prosperity and highest reputation! Who will have the most fruitful plantation? Who will build the most impressive buildings? And, who will earn the most victory points? Playtime: 90-150 minutes

Queen’s Necklace card game Ages: 8+ Players: 2-4

Paris, on the eve of the French Revolution... The Queens necklace is missing -- and soon enough her neck may follow! From the slums, where purse-snatchers and courtesans work their respective trades, to the inner salons of the Louvre, where confessors, royal astrologers, musketeers and court favorites mingle and scheme in hushed conversations -- the position of the Kings jeweler has suddenly become a lot more dangerous! Playtime: 30-45 minutes

Ra board game Ages: 12+ Players: 3-5

Lead your dynasty through 2000 years of history in ancient Egypt. Gather as much fame and honor as possible. Place the most pharaohs. Establish unequalled monuments and use the fertility of the Nile. But don't neglect your people and their culture. And pay homage to the gods -- lead by the sun god Ra -- otherwise the fame of your dynasty is quickly lost. Playtime: 45-60 minutes

Railroad Tycoon board game Ages: 10+ Ages: 2-6

With Railroad Tycoon, Eagle Games brings another Sid Meier classic to the table in boardgame form. It's an outstanding design brought to you by Age of Steam creator Martin Wallace. Playtime: 120 minutes

Return of the Heroes board game Ages: 10+ Players: 1-4

Return of the Heroes is more than a game, it is your tale! You play a talented but inexperienced character. This will change during your adventures. You experience the progression of your hero. This game is your portal to the fantastic world of elves, dwarves, mages, fighters, and clerics. Experience exciting adventures in the capital and the surroundings, barter in the markets of Zenda, fight against giants, trolls, or other dark enemies. Eventually you have to overcome the cruel Nameless in his tower and you will return a hero! Playtime: 90 minutes

Risk 2210 A.D. board game Ages: 10+ Players: 2-5

Who will be the new world leader? The world is at war. As the leader of one of the warring factions, you control the destiny of your people. On and above earth you must marshal your forces, send forth your troops, hire the right commanders and crush your enemies. Build alliances if you dare, but also be wary of those who you call friend. Spend your energy wisely. Enlist the right commanders with the right commands and you can gain the power you need to conquer the world and beyond. Playtime: variable

Runebound board game Ages: 12+ Players: 1-6

In Runebound, you and your friends play heroes in a fantasy realm full of monsters, perils, and treasure. The realm is yours to explore: Visit the Mountains of Despair, brave the Whispering Forest, or shop for magic items in the Paradash Bazaar. Wherever you go, adventure awaits you -- and because the game changes each time you play it, you'll never have the same adventure twice. Playtime: 120-240 minutes

Scene It? Movie Edition party game Ages: 13+ Players: 2+

With two game DVDs, Scene It? Deluxe Movie Edition has more of the real film clips, trivia questions and puzzlers that have made Scene It? Such a hot-selling game. "Reel" fans and casual watchers alike will love reliving great movie moments from Hollywood's best films as they race each other around the board. Be the first to make the Final Cut and win the game. An instant classic, Scene It? is this season's best bet for fun. Playtime: 30-60 minutes

Scotland Yard board game Ages: 10+ Players: 3-6

Scotland Yard is searching for Mister X. Will his pursuers catch him in the London fog? How will Mister X try to escape? Will the detectives find him in time? If they work together, they have a chance. Mister X will try to escape by bus, underground, and taxi. One player is Mister X, the others are the detectives. Mr. X moves secretly, but leaves a clue on each turn. With clever teamwork, the detectives can surround and trap Mr. X in time. But if Mr. X can slip away, he escapes and wins the game! Playtime: 45 minutes

Settlers of Catan board game Ages: 12+ Players: 3-4

In Settlers of Catan, groups of settlers try to become the dominant group on a remote island by building settlements and cities across its uncharted wilderness. Each player tried to guide their settlers to victory by clever building and trading. Building is based on resources that you gain based on where you build and the roll of the dice. This combination of strategy and luck makes Settlers an excellent game for players of all skill levels. Playtime: 60-120 minutes

Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player Expansion

Now five to six players can explore and settle Catan! The 5-6 Player Expansion for The Settlers of Catan allows you to add up to two more opponents without sacrificing ease of play. Designed for five or six players, it adds even more drama to the award-winning game of discovery, settlement, conflict, and commerce.

Shadows Over Camelot board game Ages: 10+ Players: 3-7

Shadows over Camelot is a unique collaborative game featuring a malevolent twist! As the Knights of the Round Table, you join forces against the game itself in an attempt to protect Camelot. But beware... all is not as it seems among these noble Knights. One of your number might yet turn out to be a traitor-in-waiting, biding his time while sowing havoc and destruction from the Shadows! Playtime: 60-80 minutes

Shogun board game Ages: 12+ Players: 3-5

Shogun is a re-themed version of Wallenstein. Playtime: 90-120 minutes

Smarty Party! party game Ages: 10+ Players: 3-8

Smarty Party -- the game that keeps everybody guessing! Name a popular TV series of the 70's... name a handyman's tool... name a stinky cheese. Each category has several correct answers. Can you name them all? It's all about coming in last. The last player gets the pants. The last player still wearing the pants gets the bonus points. And last place wins! Playtime: variable

Street Illegal board game Ages: 10+ Players: 1-7

Speed and respect are the only two things that matter as you race through the city streets in your souped-up car. Anticipate road conditions as you race through a track of 8 cards to earn chips to help accelerate or decelerate, to try and reach the first position. Playtime: 45 minutes

Taboo party game Ages: 12+ Players: 4+

Time is against you. You know what you'd like to say if you could only find the words. But some things in life are strictly... TABOO. Each time your teams shouts out the secret word, you get a point. But be careful! Your opponents will be looking over your shoulder, making sure you don't say any of the TABOO words. Because if you do and they catch you, they sound the buzzer and score a point! Playtime: variable

Through the Desert board game Ages: 10+ Players: 2-5

In Through the Desert, two to five players each control a tribe of nomads vying for control of the desert. By establishing caravans and taking over oases, the players gain points as their tribes increase in power. Should you try to build the longest caravan? Or should you dominate the desert's oases? Don't forget to keep an eye on your opponents' caravans, or you may find your own tribe cut off from valuable water holes. Playtime: 20-45 minutes

Thurn and Taxis board game Ages: 10+ Players: 2-4

In 1490, Kaiser Maximilian I awarded Franz von Taxis the contract to deliver mail between the Kaiser's residences in Innsbruck and Brussels. He did such a good job, that postal services in the country continue to be connected with the name Thurn and Taxis. With the introduction of postal carriages in the middle of the 17th century, members of the family were raised to Count status and given the hereditary title of Postmaster General. The game begins at this point in history. Can you emulate the achievements of this family and build a successful postal network? Playtime: 60 minutes

Ticket to Ride board game Ages: 8+ Players: 2-5

Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train adventure game. Players collect train cards that enable them to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America. The longer the routes, the more points they earn. Additional points come to those who can fulfill their Destination Tickets by connecting two distant cities, and to the player who builds the longest continuous railway. So climb aboard for some railroading fun and adventure. You've got a Ticket to Ride! Playtime: 30-60 minutes

Time’s Up! party game Ages: 12+ Players: 4+

Racing through the Deck of Fame, your team competes in 3 hilarious rounds to collect the most celebrities. Time is ticking... and you're scrambling to get your partner to identify the name on your card. They had at least 15 minutes of fame.... You have 30 seconds.... Do whatever it takes to get the most celebrities on your side before... TIME'S UP! Playtime: variable

To Court the King dice game Ages: 10+ Players: 2-5

As a royal petitioner attending court, the players must parlay their powers of persuasion to gain the support of court officials and sway the King to their cause. The players' persuasive powers, in a constantly shifting court, are represented by dice. The first player to roll seven of a kind gains the King's support and, possibly, victory! Playtime: 45 minutes

Trivial Pursuit: Volume 6 party game Ages: 12+ Players: 2-6

This is the all-new edition of America's favorite trivia game, with 4,800 new general knowledge questions in 6 categories: People/Places, Arts/Entertainment, History, Science/Nature, Sports/Leisure and Wild Card. Answer questions correctly to collect all the scoring wedges. Then race to the center of the gameboard to win! Playtime: variable

Tsuro board game Ages: 8+ Players: 2-8

Build your own Path without your opponents steering you in the wrong direction—or off the board! Tsuro is the quick-playing game in which directions can change as easily as the game plays. The rules are simple: You place your stones, select your tiles, and attempt to build a safe Path for your journey. The Paths of other players cross and connect, so the choices you make affect all the journeys across the board. Stay on the right Path -- your journey begins here. Playtime: 5-10 minutes

Twilight Imperium board game Ages: 14+ Players: 3-6

Welcome to a galaxy of epic conquest, interstellar trade, and political intrigue. Twilight Imperium is an exciting board game in which 3-6 players seek to build a galactic empire by the cunning use of strategy, diplomacy, and resource management. By taking on the role of a great interstellar race, players will seek the ultimate goal: to claim the Imperial Throne on Mecatol Rex and lead the galaxy to a new age of glory. Playtime: 120-240 minutes

Twilight Struggle board game Ages: 14+ Players: 2

In 1945, Where once there stood many great powers, there now stood only two -- the United States and the Soviet Union. The world had scant months to collectively sigh in relief before a new conflict threatened. Unlike the titanic struggles of the preceding decades, this conflict would be waged not primarily by soldiers and tanks, but by spies and politicians, scientists and intellectuals, artists and traitors. Twilight Struggle is a two-player game simulating the 45-year dance of intrigue, prestige, and occasional flares of warfare between the USSR and the USA. Playtime: 120+ minutes

Uno card game Ages: 7+ Players: 2-10

OBJECT: Be the first player or team to score 500 points. Points are scored by being the first to rid yourself of all the cards in your hand before your opponents.

THE PLAY: Play cards from your hand by either matching color, number, or word on the top card of the discard pile. When you have one card left, yell Uno! Playtime: variable

War of the Ring board game Ages: 12+ Players: 2-4

The War of the Ring board game is a grand strategic simulation of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Faithful to the epic flavor of the books, characters and strongholds play a major role in the flow of the game and represent the main focus of the action. A simple and fun, dice-based, resource management mechanism is used to determine the various types of action possible for each player. Smooth, original mechanics have been devised to handle the hidden movement of the Fellowship and the Hunt for the Ring. Playtime: 120+ minutes

Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow card game Ages: 10+ Players: 8-18

For some time, the village of Millers Hollow has been afflicted by werewolves who attack each night. The village inhabitants must find out who among them are werewolves before they all fall victim to the evil creatures... Playtime: 30 minutes

Wits & Wagers party game Ages: 10+ Players: 3-21

Wits & Wagers is a fast-paced party game with a unique combination of trivia, gambling, and social interaction. You're always involved in the action because everyone answers every question. Don't know the exact answer? It doesn't matter! Make your best guess. Then bet on the answer you think is closest to being correct, even if its not your own! That means you can win based on what you know or how well you know your friends. Big bets mean big payouts! Will you risk your chips on answers with high odds? Or save up for the dramatic All-In question? Playtime: variable

World of WarCraft board game Ages: 12+ Players: 2-6

Based on the popular World of Warcraft Massively Multiplayer Online Game from Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft: the Board Game invites the players to choose from 16 characters, drawn from the eight races and nine character classes of the Warcraft universe, and take up arms for the glory of the Horde... or the Alliance. Travel across Lordaeron, vanquish monsters, gain experience and power, and earn honor for your faction. Playtime: 120-240 minutes

World of WarCraft: Shadow of War Expansion Set

This expansion contains hundreds of new cards, both expanding the base game and introducing several innovative concepts. The new item deck rewards players with interesting trinkets and artifacts. A new quest deck puts a bounty on independent creatures, rewarding characters for defeating blue creatures. Each class deck also receives ten new powers and ten new talents, further developing the character's arsenal of abilities and creating a richer gaming experience.

Wreckage card game Ages: 10+ Players: 2-4

In the post-apocalyptic world of Wreckage, the landscape is a twisted wasteland. Road warriors rule the highways in souped-up vehicles decked out with guns, armor, and turbo-charged engines. The best of these gasoline gladiators have come together to compete in the arena of death. The winner is awarded fuel for a year, water for a month, and the glory of the kill. The losers are wreckage. Playtime: 20-60 minutes

Wyatt Earp card game Ages: 12+ Players: 2-4

The players are bounty hunters who work cooperatively and competitively to try to capture the most notorious outlaws of the old west. They do this by collecting and playing sets of cards for the various outlaws. When a player plays a set, he both adds to the reward and improves his chances for collecting the reward for that outlaw. At the end of each hand, players collect money for the outlaws they helped in capturing. After several hands, the player who has collected the most money in rewards is the winner! Playtime: 45-60 minutes

Yahtzee dice game Ages: 8+ Players: 1+

Rack up your score by rolling combinations like Aces, Full House, Large Straight and more. Roll 5 of a kind for a Yahtzee. Playtime: 15 minutes

You Must Be an Idiot! party game Ages: 12+ Players: 3-6

Can you tell who's really an Idiot and who's just Faking? Each round, everyone is dealt a card telling them whether they are an Idiot or not. The current Genius gets to ask a special trivia question of their choice from the card in their hand. Everyone writes their answers down, but... if you're an Idiot, you MUST answer incorrectly. Once all the answers are revealed, it's your job to figure out who's definitely and Idiot. Gotta be careful though! Call somebody an Idiot who's not and they steal points from you! And Idiots who don't get caught get bonus points! So the question you have to ask in this game is.... Who's REALLY the Idiot and who's just fooling? Playtime: variable

Zombies!!! board game Ages: 12+ Players: 2-6

Zombies!!! puts you in the middle of the action as you try to escape the ever-advancing zombie hoard. Players must use a combination of wits and brawn to be the first to the heliport and certain escape. The only problem is, the zombies are everywhere, they appear to be very hungry and your opponents would really prefer if you didn't escape. Playtime: variable